Objects of Karano-Aleksandrovskaya area and adjacent territory

Currently, LLC "Karano-Alexandrovskoe" is offered for investment in the amount of 120 million rubles. This amount includes the purchase of the field itself with a license to extract gold until 2038, the construction of a factory using innovative technology, and the provision of the entire infrastructure.


The objects of the area are contoured into one ore field within the limits of the License no. UFA 02350 BR for the use of subsurface resources for the purpose of geological study, exploration and production of gold (reissued to LLC "Karano-Alexandrovskoe" on 25.04.2017, valid until 23.10.2038).


According to the terms of the License, a search-evaluating project was drawn up, which received a positive conclusion from the Federal state budgetary institution Rosgeolexpertiza No. 178-02-06/2014 dated 10.12.2014.


Currently, the evaluation work on the Maly Karan section has been fully completed, according to the Protocol TKZ RB dated 25.01.2017. The feasibility study of temporary exploration conditions and the calculation of reserves of gold-bearing ores up to a depth of 50 meters was agreed (see the table).

Reserves up to a depth of 30 meters and prognostic resources up to 300 meters were operatively calculated at the Alexandrovsky area.


The Voznesenskoye field of copper-porphyry ores is located in the North-Eastern part of the licensed area near corner point No. 2. The ore bodies of the Voskresensk are can be traced in the South-Western direction and are located on the territory of karano-Alexandrovskaya area. The flanks of the field and the deep horizons of the Voznesenskoye field have not been studied. Possible increase in inventory (see table).


According to the geological and economic assessment, the karano-Alexandrovskoye field is profitable for open-pit mining.

The karano-Alexandrovskoye field is located in the Uchalinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan on the border with the Chelyabinsk region. This is a developed industrial area with a developed industrial, road, and social infrastructure, where there are powerful production and mining companies such as Uchalinsky GOK, Karabashmed, Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk metallurgical plants, Chelyabinsk tractor plant, Ural plant, Miass companies that produce products for gold mining, and many others. Many companies in the region specialize in supplying products to the mining industry, including gold mining companies.


The field is located 20 kilometers from the station Shartymka YUZD code 80540, which is important for the possible supply of copper ore to JSC Uchalinsky GOK or JSC Karabashmed.

The district has centuries-old industrial traditions, so it is not difficult to quickly form a professional team.


It is proposed to introduce a new technological base and build a factory for extracting gold, which will allow  to implement a highly profitable environmentally friendly technology. The advantage of this project is year-round and maximum metal recovery (up to 98%). This makes the Project cost-effective.

The technology of electro-hydro-shock non-contact destruction of initial ores by the impact of shock waves and splitting pulsed hydraulic flows provides selective disclosure of gold grains along the boundaries of mineral grains.

Brief description of the factory.

  1. The annual output of the source ore is 160,000 tons.

  2. The factory consists of 2 separate operating lines, which are Autonomous and can work independently depending on the delivery of the source ore.

  3. The technological process involves the extraction, enrichment and melting of gold into ingots with a purity of 99.95%, with the presence of a laboratory.

  4. The finished product of the enrichment site is gravity gold concentrate.

  5. The finished product of the smelting section is gold bars.

  6. Factory waste – environmentally friendly construction sand (fraction -0.2 mm)

  7. The method of enrichment is gravitational. The gravity scheme is three-stage selective with the production of gold concentrate.             

  8. Disintegration:

A. two-stage disintegration (water impact), two-fraction screening;

B. two-stage disintegration with a closed cycle of verification classification in the first and second stages;

C. Centrifugal enrichment with the output of the first gravity concentrate and gravity tails.

  1. Activation:

A. gravitational tails are activated at the third stage (electrohydroid), followed by centrifugal enrichment with the release of the second gravitational concentrate and gravitational tails;

   2. Cleaning process:

A. gravity tails are re-cleaned on the table SKO-7.5 with the release of the third gravity concentrate and tails;

B. the concentrate and tails are finally re-cleaned by a centrifugal concentrator with the release of the fourth gravity concentrate and gravity tails.

2.1 Auxiliary processes:

Centrifuge dewatering, with the production of recycled industrial water and clean construction sand.

Total gold recovery: 98%

Project start: 2020 year;

Project's functional period - 30 years;

Total investment: 120 million rubles;

2020 year: preparation of documents and signing of contracts. Start of investment;;

2020-2021 years: mining and preparation works, construction of a factory, construction of a settlement and infrastructure facilities, re-exploration of the nearest blocks of field development to clarify reserves;

2021 year: start of production.


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